Mobile Barcodes: The Statistics

July 27, 2011

There has been a lot of hype about these new two-dimensional barcodes that hit the market about a year ago. The USPS is even offering a discount to marketers who use these codes on their direct mail materials. The question is, how many codes actually get scanned?

Reports have shown that there is now about one scan per second that is processed through the ScanLife system, a 2D code processor available to smartphone users. This is in comparison to the ten scans per minute ScanLife was reporting just a year ago. This is only one processor; meaning that the rate is much higher for barcode scans overall.

This spike in scan code use is directly related to the amount of smartphones that are currently on the market, as well as consumer education on two-dimensional codes. It is expected that over half of all mobile devices in use in the United States will be smartphones by the year 2013. Most, if not all of these phones have barcode scanners built in and consumers have been educated on how to scan and use two-dimensional readers to obtain information.

Currently, scans are coming in from over 125 countries every day. The amount of scannable codes created has quadrupled. Over 400,000 unique codes are scanned by ScanLife users alone each month. This is a powerful application, if used correctly. Contact Meredith Print Advantage for more information on how to implement a great 2D barcode to use in your marketing materials.


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